The Vault has some behind-the-scenes shots of the final days of True Blood.

Alexander Skarsgard behind the camera. (NICE!)

Check out a couple more here: The Vault.

Anonymous asked:

im so disappointed in TB final. ugh ffs why the hell did they ruin this show

Not exactly disappointed, no..Since, truth be told, for the first time I wasn’t expecting anything of it, which turned out to be a great strategy, lol. Everything aside though (boring subplots, inconsistency, etc), yes, after all these years I feel like the fans and the show itself deserved more. Most certainly a better and more fulfilling ending instead of this anti-climatic and flaccid one. And that’s a fact. On the other hand, I am really happy for Eric and Pam, I have to admit, even though that last scene (including Eric’s recycled one) at Fangtasia made no sense whatsoever, jmo.
Also, not having Lafayette in the series finale is an insult. :/

But it’s over. *sighhhh* I don’t know about you but I’m done with stressing over it all. I’m choosing to focus on positive stuff and remember and cherish all the amazing moments that this show gave us..and for which I’ll always be grateful. At the end it’s all that really matters.

Now are you with me or not?
Oh I am so fucking with you.
I thought you might be.